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$229 + HST

Our home staging consultation service provides an objective third party opinion on how best to showcase your home for sale and to create the “wow” factor that home buyers are looking for. We will spend about 2 to 3 hours viewing each room of your home, and will provide you with a 19-page report which essentially provides you as the homeowner a detailed action plan to highlight the positive, and minimize the negative, attributes of the home in order to maximize the appeal of the home to buyers.

Full Home Staging

Prices vary (Free Estimates)

A full home staging is where the homeowner acquires our services to implement many of the actions we would identify in a consultation*. If a homeowner agrees to have Inside Outstanding™ conduct a full home staging upon an initial consultation then we will waive the consultation fee. The price and time required to complete a full home staging varies for every home, nevertheless we offer a variety of packages to choose from which best suits your needs and your budget.

During the home staging, Inside Outstanding™ personnel will arrange furniture and accessories in your home to help define each space, accentuate each space, create good flow and energy, and allow potential buyers to see all of the positives attributes of the home. These services typically involve fine furniture and accessory rentals, additional lighting, colour designing, and de-staging.

* Homeowners are still responsible for cleaning, de-cluttering and minor home repairs


Prices vary

Showcasing is an alternative means of staging a home using the home owner’s current furniture and accessories to highlight the home’s spaces. Unlike full home staging, showcasing does not involve additions such as added lighting, furniture and accessory rentals, colour designing and de-staging. If you have a limited budget, showcasing can be a useful alternative to home staging which still helps make your home more marketable.


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If you’re selling your home you’re usually moving into another home, and our ReDesign services help you with decorating your new space. We have a variety of ReDesign packages to suit most budgets and needs. These packages range from simple consultations to assist you in colour selection and furniture placement, up to a comprehensive package which also includes organizing assistance, unpacking assistance, furniture and accessory sourcing, and decorating.

Other Services

Prices vary

  • Vacant home staging
  • Home repair referrals
  • Furniture and Accessory Rental
  • Furniture and Accessory Sourcing
  • Colour Consultations
  • Downsizing Assistance
  • Seasonal and Holiday decorating
  • Event Decorating and Table-scaping
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